Broke Beauties


You will forever be my always. It's Valentine's Day! I'm a fan. This year, I'm very excited to spend my first Valentine's day with my wonderful boyfriend. To me, Valentine's Day is more about getting to spend time with the one... Continue Reading →


Valentine’s Day Outfit

This is the outfit I wore to work the other day, and was repeatedly told I looked like a walking and talking Valentine's Day, so I decided I'd take advantage of the fact I looked like Cupid and share the... Continue Reading →

Four Letter Word

Love – that thing that makes you happy, sad, and downright insane. –My dictionary I'm lucky enough to have grown up in a home with two parents who have been in love and married for almost 21 years. Most people can't... Continue Reading →

Button Skirts & Shawls

It was 70 degrees today, so of course I put my favorite skirt on. To say I'm a little upset it's this warm in January is an understatement, but I'm always one to be excited about getting to wear skirts... Continue Reading →

Lazy Night Routine + Mario Badescu Brightening Kit Review

It's important to take one or two nights a week to yourself to relax, and give yourself a mental break. I've been doing this for only about a month now, but can already tell a huge difference in my everyday... Continue Reading →

Baby, It’s Cold Outside

And by cold, I mean freezing. Tennessee weather is about as indecisive as me in the basics section at H&M. Now don't get me wrong, I love winter. The snow, drinking hot chocolate cuddled up in multiple blankets, the holidays...... Continue Reading →

A Year In Review

Right now I'm in the car with my boyfriend and parents headed to Alabama to spend New Years with some great family friends. As I'm sitting here with nothing better to do than write, it's hard not to think back... Continue Reading →

Keep Up With Me On Bloglovin’

Follow my blog with Bloglovin If you're a blogger junkie like me, download the Bloglovin' app! There are so many great blogs on there, including some very popular ones. The app makes the articles extremely easy to read, and even... Continue Reading →

New Year, New Blog

I wish you all could currently see me typing this. I have the biggest smile plastered on my face, and I am shaking with excitement to finally get to begin this journey! I have wanted to start a blog for... Continue Reading →

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