And by cold, I mean freezing. Tennessee weather is about as indecisive as me in the basics section at H&M. Now don’t get me wrong, I love winter. The snow, drinking hot chocolate cuddled up in multiple blankets, the holidays… but what I love most is the outfits! I always have such a hard time picking out outfits, because I want to wear multiple things. Now, while that isn’t very realistic in the summer, it totally is in the winter! You can throw on so many layers and the outfit looks fabulous.

Sweaters with basic shirts underneath are my go-to in the cold weather, as you can see in the picture above. And honestly the best, cheapest place to find some is Goodwill!!! Sweaters, especially thick over-sized ones, run anywhere from $25-$40.  While it’s great to splurge on one or two every once in a while, why do that when you can find name brand ones at Goodwill for $5 each? The green sweater I am wearing in the picture above was bought from Goodwill last year and it has been my baby ever since. It is chunky and warm, and it’s originally from Forever 21. Score!

The black shirt I have on is a 3/4 sleeve from Cato. It is longer, so to add a little more pizzaz to the outfit, I knotted it in the front. When I’m buying basic shirts I like to get a size larger than I would normally wear, so I always have the option to knot it in the front. It adds so much to the outfit!

My jeans, oh my jeans, I’m in love. They are from American Eagle (aka the holy grail of jeans.) I have gotten 99% of my jeans from American Eagle ever since I can remember, and I have yet to find another store that offers jeans that fit me the way theirs do. A huge plus is that more often than not they are running a BOGO 50% off sale on all of their jeans (going on now, as well as a 60% off clearance on other items!) The majority of their jeans are considered “jeggings”, and are either super stretch or super super stretch, which is great for me because whenever I eat a little too much for lunch I don’t feel like I’m going to pop out of my jeans afterwards. The particular pair I have on in the pictures, I just bought. The bottoms are lighter washed than the rest of the leg, and the edges are frayed. Unless I am wearing knee-high boots, I always like to roll my jeans up. I like to think of it as my own personal fashion statement, although a lot of others do that. Like the knotting of the shirt, I think it adds a little more to the outfit.

I just got my duck boots for Christmas, and I’ve worn them almost everyday since then. They go with almost every outfit in the winter, and are so comfortable! If you are in the market for some boots like this and are on a budget, go Sperry over L.L. Bean! They’re at least $50 cheaper, and in my personal opinion, they’re a lot cuter. Sperry.com is in the midst of having a semi-annual sale on their website. 50% off select styles. Check it out!

Now on to my favorite part of my outfit, the CC beanie! I based my entire outfit around it today, because that is how badly I wanted to wear it. No shame. Unlike a lot of beanies, these stay on your head so easily! They are very thick, so are great to wear not only as an accessory, but to actually do their job and keep your ears warm when it’s cold outside. I just received this one, as well as a creamy tan-colored one, in the mail. I purchased them as a set off the app Mercari (highly recommend!), for only $20 with free shipping! These usually go for $15 or more at the retail stores they are sold in.

Other accessories pictured:

Hope you guys enjoyed this outfit, and received some inspiration. Till next time.